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care to share

Care to Share.


A totally different approach on developmental aid, charity and trade.

In today's world where profit has become more important than prosperity, I believe that money should serve a higher cause. I believe that we need to change our approach towards our society and its monetary system radically. Why? Because people are more important than money, wellbeing is more important than wealth and every human (and animal) has the birthright to a certain level 'quality of life'. No matter where they come from. No matter where they live.

Through my organization Leap into Life, I dedicate my life to increase the quality of life in despairing societies. Based on true principles of fair chain, shared economy, Spiral Dynamics insights and learning by doing, my aim is to enable them to create a better future for themselves.

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Imagine a world where everybody has enough and nobody is 'left out'.

Our projects in Ghana

We empower local communities to create a sustainable and independent local economy where benefits are equally fair shared.

What we do for NGO's

We facilitate and guide other NGO’s in the process how to successfully become more impactful in developmental aid projects.

Support our Movement

You can help us in many ways from a financial contribution to sharing your knowledge to becoming a movementmaker.