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Buy a Brick

Buy a Brick

Buy a Brick

Help us to build an organic Sheabutter production centre.

By providing the Dipaliya Womens' Association with an organic certified Sheabutter production center, we aim to improve life conditions of this community.

To accomplish that, we need 32.000 bricks. Will you donate some?

How many bricks would you like to donate?

One brick for € 2,00. Minimum donation 5 bricks.

Where are we today

We have established a stable and growing source of income in traditional handcraft of Sheabutter for Dipaliya Womens Association. However the women make their Sheabutter at home, which is relatively unsafe and not really aligned with the communal element of the tradition.

What we aim for

Buy a Brick is a project to finance and build a Sheabutter production center in Sakuba village. Part of the project is to have the center certified as Organic Production Facility. This will increase both the amount of contracts for Dipaliya as the earnings for every woman making Sheabutter.

With 32.000 bricks we can have twice as many women working on Sheabutter making, we can provide each woman with double the amount of work they have received last over 2 years, and we can improve the income of each woman with 10-15% per kilo Sheabutter made.

Your donation will have great impact.

  • Twice as many women will have work and they will earn 10-15% more per kg as well.
  • Improved quality of Sheabutter: a safer and cleaner production process with less resources and less waste.
  • Empowerment of Dipaliya's women, transforming their weak economic position into a powerful one.
  • More organic certified Sheabutter in the marketplace.

The impact of your donation goes even beyond the women. The brick makers and other construction workers are members from our communities. Your contribution also provides their families in “food on the table”.

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