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The funding we raise for our projects is completely allocated to the communities where the projects are running. If you would like to contribute financially to a specific project, please visit our active campaigns page.

Donate to our foundation

Besides the spendings for our projects in Ghana, our foundation has to cover a variety of other expenses as well. You can help us with a donation to Leap into Life foundation.

You could choose to provide us with a one-time donation or with a periodic gift. If you are living in the Netherlands your donation to Leap into Life foundation is tax deductible.

RSIN registration number

Our RSIN registration number for tax deduction 857481435.

Periodic gifts

A periodic gift is for a period of 5 years, unless specified otherwise. Below the PDF documents you should use in that case (in Dutch):

If you want to start with a periodic donation to Leap into Life foundation you can use the 2 documents from Dutch Tax Authorities. Download them, send us a copy of the documents and save a copy for your own administration.

One time donation

A single donation can be deposited via the donation form on this page, or directly to our bank account.

Transfer your donation on behalf of Stichting Leap into Life.
Triodos Bank account number NL09 TRIO 0338 6164 97

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    Besides a financial contribution, we also welcome your support in other ways!