Leap into Life Foundation

Partner of the Fair-trading Alliance

Our Mission

Our Mission

Change the common perspective on
developmental aid, charity and trade.

When you live in less developed parts of the Global South it is very expensive to live a healthy life. So, when you are poor, you are automatically convicted to live an unhealthy life. At Leap into Life we discovered ways to change that vicious circle. Not just for today, but more important, for the long term.

Until April 2022 we worked in close cooperation with the Dagomba tribe in the Northern Region of Ghana and learned how we as Westerners can really make a difference in parts of the world where its inhabitants have different needs, habits and traditions.

Alignment tradition of sharing

This hands-on experience in Ghana resulted in an approach towards developmental aid that is not comparable with traditional Western NGO's and charity funds. The main difference being the way we work with the principle of emergence and natural growth. We create circumstances for entrepreneurship in alignment with the tradition of sharing.

Our approach towards developmental aid is based on:

  • fair chain,
  • true pricing,
  • learning by doing.

What we have done in Ghana, Africa

" Instead of teaching people how to catch a fish, we help them to 'take care of the pond'. Instead of providing short term aid or telling them what to do, we work together as a team. "

Programme & Projects

Together with a growing network of likeminded people in Europe and beyond, we empower sourcing communities to make a living in ways that respect their needs, habits and traditions. In close cooperation we create a sustainable and independent local economy where the collectively achieved benefits are equally fair shared among its contributors. As a team, we develop businesses with revenues that are not detained, but remain within their local community.

What we do for other NGO's

"What we do is relevant at a much larger scale than what we are doing today!"

Recent years in Ghana tought us why and how the traditional Western approach towards developmental aid is often not successful for the long term. And actually in most cases, from a profit point of view, lacking a fair shared revenue system. Too often the real revenues float back into our Western society, instead of benefitting the people that really need it.

Our approach and role is real, honest and genuine; we translate hope into opportunities and new practices. We help to 'take care of the pond' instead of teaching people how to fish. That's what makes us different from average foundations. And though we work on a small scale, our story is far beyond imagination ...