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Would you like to be inspired by the stories we have to share?

The projects we are running with the Dagomba tribe are successful because they come from within the community and are run in alignment with local traditions. They are also successful because we apply holistic models of management and change that integrate diversity of perspectives and dealing with uncertainty.

Respect (traditional) way of life

The projects we work on in Ghana aim to create life conditions for traditional people becoming economically more resilient, without losing traditional values of relationship and community. The traditional African principles of community, relationship and sharing are embedded in the choices we make in project and financial management. The principles we work from sound obvious, and yet we see they are significantly different from what is common for most (Western) NGO’s.

Create more impact

Achieving ‘break through’ solutions in local communities requires learning on all levels, different approaches from what we are used to, and a redefinition of success. Based on our experience in change management and developmental aid, we can guide or facilitate other NGO’s in this process of learning to become more resilient and more impactful by integrating local traditions and customs.



Storytelling is a very powerful method to inspire people.
We have many stories to share and we assure you that you will not hear the standard stories.

The way topics are discussed and decisions are made in traditional meetings with the Dagomba are very similar to what we would call: making use of the ‘wisdom of the collective’. The way we use hierarchy as an international organization of volunteers working in a context where position, status, power and gender are important can be best described as: ‘servant leadership’.


Organise as an effective team

It might sound appealing to become a purpose driven organization, where people are the most important and work together to achieve common goals. But what does it require from you as an individual working together with others, and how do we organize ourselves as an effective team? What are the consequences for business management, decision making and finance?

Learn from the future

What is action learning and how are we actually learning from each other, living in completely different realities? What is the value of holistic approaches such as Spiral Dynamics and how can they be applied to create congruence where conflict is dawning? What does it actually mean to ‘let go and learn from the future’? When are we ‘downloading’ or ‘prototyping’ and how can we recognize the difference within us?


Working with complexity where stakeholders have different priorities, competition is increasing, and multiple realities might seem to be in conflict; does that sound familiar to you?
Do you want to learn more about the principles we work from and the models we apply?


How to deal with tensions

The global challenges we face today require approaches that stimulate resilience and innovation. Though we do not all work international, most companies, teams and individuals experience tensions in an interconnected, fast moving, global economy/society. But how to deal with those tensions; how do you create resilience and what is required to stimulate initiatives that lead to breakthrough?

Tailor made workshops

Based on many years of experience with holistic approaches for dealing with uncertainty and change, we can offer you tailor made workshops. We do not offer you a ‘box with solutions’ but we do promise you a ‘guided process’ to deepen your own questions and to find your own answers. In a workshop you will have to do the work!