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Become Movement Maker

Become a Movement Maker

We are a small group of dedicated professionals and we believe that change doesn’t come from outside or from others.

You are a dedicated professional for whom meaningful work is important. Instead of complaining about what is wrong in this world, you want to contribute to make it a little bit better. Though the role is voluntary, you do take it as serious as the client/employer who is paying you. You want to DO the change you want to see in the world.

When the description above appeals to you we invite you to join Leap into Life as a Movement Maker. Share your passion with us and the qualities you bring in. We do have specific needs for certain skills and expertise, but if you are a dedicated professional with heart for an Inclusive Society we can always find some way to collaborate.

Change is something we realize together with each contributing what (s)he can. We are learning every day, we are growing every day we have fun, and we invite you to join us.

Share your Knowledge

Share your Knowledge

Though we all are professional in our specific field, together we are entering a space of collaboration that is relatively new for most of us. We are curious to learn from the shared experience and we are inspired by what we can achieve together in co-creation. We are not fantasizing how things could be in a utopian world, we are experimenting how it is to create a world where inclusion and sharing are more common than we learn in society and business.

We have developed our specific criteria for collaboration and inclusion based on our experiences. We are aware that we might be just one of many similar initiatives and are keen to connect with likeminded initiatives. Maybe you are involved in one of those initiatives or do you know people who are and able to connect us with them.

For specific projects we are looking for specific expertise. What we are looking for can be found on the pages we use for active campaigning. If not as a Movement Maker, you might want to help us in a more distant role or know someone who can. We’d also like to exchange knowledge and learn from people with experience on fields that we have our blind spots. Are you willing to help us see them and share your knowledge?

Contribute Financially

Contribute Financially

The funding we raise for our projects is completely allocated to the communities where the projects are running. But as a foundation we also want to be financially sustainable. There are certain costs to be made that we do not have sufficient resources for. And without the foundation we will not be able to scale up and accelerate.

We offer our services to others to generate funding, but you can also help us with a donation to Leap into Life foundation. You could choose to provide us with a one-time donation or with a periodic gift.

When you want to support us with a one-time donation you can donate directly by pressing the Donate button. When living in the Netherlands your donation to Leap into Life foundation is tax deductible. How you can do that and what the conditions are for tax deduction can also be found on the donation page.

They already joined us!

Arno Bloemkolk

Finance & Administration

Thomás Fernandez de Benedetii

Project Management Support

Jan Paul Smits

Buy a Brick movie & Editing

Sumadi Bambang Oetomo

Leap into Life logo & Arts

Alejandro Forero Romeno

Video Communication

Joris Hooijberg

Finance Management & Innovation

Femke van Iersel van Hellenberg Hubar

Dipaliya Sheabutter Webshop

Johanna Kroon

Storytelling & Community Building

Aryan Postma

Fundraising Coach

Yolanda Reincke

Marketing Communication, Website

Fred Roumen

Personal Styling & Passion

Anna Liisa Springham

Voice Leap into Life movie

Dennis Tantradjaja

IT Infrastructure & Website

Ariane Volz

Communication Strategy & Media

Maurits Sengers

Communication & Design

Nada Haddane

Software engineering and IT support


Sarah Fusseini

Women's representative Dipaliya Women's Association

Hardi 06

Hardi Abdul-Fatawu

Manager Projects Dipaliya Womens Association

Abdul-Latif Issahaku

Advisor Business Development & Culture

Feseina Abukara - Leader Dipaliya

Feseina Abukara

Magajia (leader) Dipaliya Womens' Association

Sanatu Alhassan - Organizer Dipaliya

Sanatu Alhassan

Organizer Dipaliya Womens' Association


Sanatu Mohammed

Treasurer Dipaliya Womens' Association


Safura Mahamud

Magajia (leader) Sakuba branch, Dipaliya Womens' Association

Ruud Boxma

Storytelling and movie making

Michiel Hermans

Building plan Sheabutter center